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Opened everyday on 2021

Two of our rooms were designed to be our wellness rooms, combining a full spectrum of healing dedicated to energy, osteopathic care and holistic gynecology intending to take care of our guests. 

Our wellness approach

We believe well-being comes from empowering and respecting the body. Through the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body from our well-trained therapists, we selected care & workshops ranging from self awakening sessions to physical & mobility care. Specific healing therapies to disconnect from the ordinary, unwind from your busy life and gain a sense of renewal rebooting your body’s harmony. 

We also offer a CARE EVENT SCHEDULE to nurture and encourage our community to rediscover the indulgence through the exploration of ways to balance our daily choices and embrace our own healing and detoxification potential.

Our practitioners do not make a diagnosis, do not pursue a medical or paramedical purpose, do not prescribe any medication or treatment for disease. The advice sheet given at the end of your interview is not a prescription and does not substitute for the treatment given by your doctor.

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Hiba Boufares
Osteopathy - Care Post Partum - Colon irrigation -  Rebozo treatmen

Passionate about the mysteries of anatomy and science, Hiba has been trained in osteopathy at CEESO Paris, in aquatic osteopathy, and in colon irrigation at the Sophrène Centre.

For several years, she has been increasingly interested in the ancestral Amerindian culture, its wisdom and its benefits. For her, the shamanic experiences were the discovery of a new tool to harmonize the physical and psychic state.

Today, Hiba integrates meditation at the heart of its consultations, allowing patients to be fully active during treatment.




Passionate about Chinese medicine, the sacred and the neurosciences, Catherine supports human beings and particularly women towards the liberation of traumas, the decoding of emotions, holistic sexuality and globally the well-being. The energetic psychology simultaneously uses the emotional & psychological expression and physiological human energy circuits according to a fundamental principle of Chinese medicine. Psycho practitioner in energy and cognitive therapies including clinical EFT, trained as a doula, she guides through multiple therapeutic methods that helped her in her life as a wife and mother, including energy therapies say brief. Trained in sound therapy (healing sound practitioner), Taoist treatments and holistic sexuality, she guides with kindness and professionalism in her offices in Nantes and Paris, in teleconsultation, courses and training.Holistic therapist, she deals with the individual as a whole by focusing  on physical, energetic, mental and emotional aspects and by adapting its methods of care to your biology.

Today she passes on her learning and experiences and shares her knowledge and methods around the world. She welcomes you at Hoy Paris one Thursday a month for energy psychology consultation (traumas and stress liberation). In holistic sexuality (individual or couples therapy) and Chi Nei Tsang ( Taoist belly massage which releases emotions, traumas and emotional blockages ...).


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Beauty expert, trained in African massage techniques.Entrepreneur at heart and passionate about history, traditions, art, wellness, holistic beauty. In 2018, she created a start-up, after having acquired experience with beauty experts. She grows up in a universe of well-being and in which we value the importance of touching and care for what we eat and drink. This led her to become more interested in African culture.

Ariane is initiated into the rituals of women by her mother and her aunts before being influenced by Experts. She learns their ancestral gestures and their unique massage methods. She also discovers the use of pure ingredients. She learns traditional aromatherapy and the benefit of African plants.

Driven by the desire to give meaning to everything she does, she invests herself in the association created by her mother Pascaline to help women deal with breast cancer. The beauty workshops there offer very quick meeting with great success.

The change of life took place in 2016 after the death of her mother, she told to herself "it's now ". By creating Sentimental Rituels, she wishes to bring together what is close to her heart: The natural, the ancestral rituals of often unrecognized beauty and highlight brands and innovative processes. Firmly convinced that the beauty of women is plural and that an inclusive approach is the Future. Everyone knows Argan oil and Shea, Sentimental Rituels will introduce you to “Sharing Beauty as a ritual”, my beauty destination. In this adventure, I am accompanied by Nahed SOW, both of them work as a Tandem.


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Manger sain, bouger, vibrer de vitalité avec Aurore Deligny, naturopathe au sein de HOY. 

Démarche à la fois préventive, individualisée et holistique, prenant en compte aussi bien les dimensions physique, énergétique, émotionnelle et écologique, cette philosophie de vie vise à harmoniser votre corps et votre esprit. La santé se définit alors comme un équilibre à rechercher et à maintenir entre toutes ces dimensions. 

Une consultation en naturopathie avec Aurore est un moment unique parce que vous êtes unique ! Son expérience personnelle et professionnelle, son expertise, mais aussi et surtout son immense passion pour la naturopathie sont des atouts qui lui permettront de vous accompagner dans votre quête d’équilibre et de bien-être général.

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After a first journey of city life, Ombeline realizes that another life is necessary after having moved to the countryside and embraced motherhood. This rapprochement with nature makes him realize that aligning his values with his lifestyle will require a professional retraining. Since RNCP certified master practitioner in Sophrology, she is also passionate about their fabulous power over body and mind.

Convinced of the benefits of natural remedies, she quickly became an expert in Bach Flowers and psycho-emotional aromatherapy. It integrates the energetic power of plants and flowers through olfactory meditations and energetic journeys to bring an emotional, psychic and energetic balance.


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Céline Perez is a woman with a unique background: she grew up in a world bathed in natural medicines and body care. She has been practicing yoga since her childhood with her mother, a teacher, and was trained in Reïki from the age of 10.

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