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One of our rooms was designed to be our wellness room, combining a full spectrum of healing dedicated to energy, osteopathic care and holistic gynecology intending to take care of our guests. 

Our wellness approach

We believe well-being comes from empowering and respecting the body. Through the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body from our well-trained therapists, we selected treatments & workshops ranging from self awakening sessions to physical & mobility treatments. Specific healing therapies to disconnect from the ordinary, unwind from your busy life and gain a sense of renewal rebooting your body’s harmony. 

We also offer a CARE EVENT SCHEDULE to nurture and encourage our community to rediscover the indulgence through the exploration of ways to balance our daily choices and embrace our own healing and detoxification potential.

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Hiba Boufares
Osteopathy - Floating Osteopathy - Colon irrigation -  Rebozo treatmen

Passionate about the mysteries of anatomy and science, Hiba has been trained in osteopathy at CEESO Paris, in aquatic osteopathy, and in colon irrigation at the Sophrène Centre.

For several years, she has been increasingly interested in the ancestral Amerindian culture, its wisdom and its benefits. For her, the shamanic experiences were the discovery of a new tool to harmonize the physical and psychic state.

Today, Hiba integrates meditation at the heart of its consultations, allowing patients to be fully active during treatment.



Artist, therapist and facilitator committed to the study of women’s health, and rich in her ever-evolving journey, she offers guidance and care to support women during the different strata of life they go through. 

Trained in proprioceptive sciences, and in holistic gynecology (constitution and female balance, intimate health, contraceptive dances) she is keen to help them gain autonomy towards their bodies, in self-observation capacity, and thanks to her own initiation into shamanic and subtle teachings to grow in love and respect for oneself, for others and for nature, as part of an ecofeminist approach.



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