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Our stressful lives sometimes leads us to an automatic way of moving, we might forget our most valued resources, our body & mind.

Linking each section of our facilities we're constantly creating in collaboration full programs that will only require consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present
– but recognize and enjoy the present.

From workshops & yoga sessions to tasting menus, we cannot wait to share with you daily tips, rituals and spiritual practices that you can adopt in your lifestyle to simply create & enjoy moments whether with friends or alone.

"Retreat ESO: « City Retreat » Special for Halloween 31-01 November


We are excited to present to you our well being programs for companies.

Come experience with your team a moment in HOY Hotel with a set of activities around wellness.

These gatherings are perfectly designed to help a team reunite after the Covid crisis.

Our daily program consists in multiple activities:The Self-Discovery Journey of Meditation, a delightful eating experience around plant based food, yoga classes and talks about everyday tools to help, increase the creativity, productivity and happiness of the people around you.

Here in the attached pdf you can find more information about our different programs. These programs can be fully adapted to the needs of your company.



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