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We believe food should be 
an experience.

Always vibrant, truly nourishing
and bursting with energy.

We take a holistic approach in our MESA restaurant offering plant based cuisine inspired by our Latin American roots.

We pride ourselves in honest, consciously and locally sourced ingredients, working with small independent producers whenever possible.

Authentic food, just as mother nature intended 
~ no shortcuts, no chemicals, no compromise.


Natural food that feeds our heart, as well as our body,
is central to HOY table’s DNA.

HOY cuisine uses fresh, whole, best-quality, health-supportive ingredients
and healthful cooking techniques with an eye on local, seasonal, sustainably grown real food.

Plant-based is not only embodying the earth to table approach but also extracting nutrients from food to improve & enhance mood, elevate skin appearance, boost energy, improve brain chemistry, help prevent dis-ease
in a more holistic way.

Our MESA is composed by our desire to bring festive food back to the center
of our pleasurable hotel as a cultural celebration of Art de Vivre,
appreciating every day, starting with that first cup of coffee.



‘Natural ingredients elevated’ 

Our menu has been developed by Lauren Lovatt and Carolina Rodriguez, Plant based chefs and creators of the Plant Academy London

Set up by Lauren to inspire passion through plants internationally through workshops, events and consultancy.
Lauren is also the woman behind Feed Your Mind Candy, bringing dreams to life through food.
With a keen eye for plating and a passion for the most seasonal ingredients giving balance in the most exciting way, focus in local and seasonal produce with sprinkles of adaptogenic herbs and tonics.


Focused in designing an eclectic experience for you, 
there’s an one-of-a-kind drink for every moment at MESA.

To pair our kitchen principles, we have a selection of natural wines and 
chose to create brewed-batch cocktails that we serve on tap as our 
signature drinks to cut down our waste.


Drop us a line to book a unique 
set-menu in an exclusive space 
with a stunning setting perfect for groups or couples who wish to celebrate in an intimate dining experience.

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Celebrating something special ? 
Our team is ready to create a tailored celebration for you.

Please send your inquiries at mesa@hoyparis.com 
and we’ll prepare send you more details.

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