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Our yoga classes are managed by YUJ YOGA, the first heated studio under infrared light in France


This Japanese method has been proven beneficial for
decades, both physically and emotionally.
The unique experience allows a total release,
letting a warm and comforting heat that makes
the session very pleasant.

The body generates a consequent heating in the muscles
and internal organs detoxifying your body,
improving your digestion and
cleaning it from heavy metals.

For more information about this method
please click here.

How to join a class

Our classes are open to our guests, locals, visitors and everyone that wants to try something different. We offer diverse options for all levels. Find the descriptions below and choose your practice.

If you’d like to join a session please check our schedule here
and make your reservation. If you’re staying with us please contact directly our Front desk team to assist with the proper registration. Try to be at our facilities around 15 minutes in advance the class to ensure you’ll get the nicest spot. We offer all the material you may need on site.

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how to join a class


Flow Soft 
- All levels - 60min

This class is perfect for students who want to learn about the FLOW method, a dynamic yoga style where the postures are linked to the rhythm of inspiring playlists. Level suitable for people who start yoga while being already a little flexible.

Flow mix 
- Intermediate - 60min

Now you know how to breathe, you have explored the recesses of your body and you have found or almost your baby flexibility, what are you waiting for everything to let go? This class heated to 30 ° C can be tested by all levels and is guided for some courses in English.

Back to basics 
- All levels - 60 min

A thorough exploration of yoga postures focusing on building, aligning and strengthening. Suitable for all levels, this class is ideal for beginners for a better understanding of yoga or for more advanced practitioners who wish to perfect their postures.

Yin detox 
-All levels - 60 min

A moment of relaxation and deep cleansing through a practice of Yin, to relax the tissues deep in order to evacuate all the toxic and bulky energies stored inside our physical bodies. In this practice we maintain the postures for several minutes on the ground while learning to let go by calm and breathing. Greater ease to reach a deep meditative state through the light of candles.

Gentle flow 
- Beginner & intermediate - 60 min

60 min to discover the practice of yoga gently. In this class the student learns yogic breathing, discovers the flow method and explores his physical body through postures from YIN practice. This class is perfect for beginners or students who want a very soft and comforting practice.

Flow et inversions 
- Avanced - 60 min

30 minutes of YUJ FLOW®, followed by 30 minutes of exploration of inverted postures, followed by a well-deserved Savasana.


If you’d like more information for private events, retreats or special inquiries, please send an email at welcome@hoyparis.com


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